Music & Video

As Ukulele Jake, I have been featured in several ensembles and bands in New York City. The featured projects on this page contain both my solo work and work I've done with The Wine Bar Duo (feat. pianist William Bennett)


Ukulele Jake & Friends on the Brooklyn Conversation Podcast with Rosemary Misdary

Radio show I did in the Radio Free Brooklyn studio in Bushwick. Tune in for jovial ukulele songs and talk of the happy go lucky nature of the ukulele--as well as the ukulele's fascinating history!


The Wine Bar Duo

The Wine Bar Duo has traveled far and wide together playing an eclectic laundry list of gigs beginning with weddings, pubs, and various houses of ill repute. Touring has brought us to the dock of the bay in San Fransisco to the wilds of South Dakota to the bright lights of Manhattan. William Bennett, pianist, is a leading authority on rag time piano and is currently preparing to hold the record for longest piano solo in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

William can also be found on Facebook and at