Ukulele lessons any level of musical understanding...

Our ukulele lessons will be adapted to your interests' and ambition with the instrument. This means learning the songs and styles that are suited to your particular taste! In addition to playing awesome tunes on the uke, you will get a sound musical education. We will learn: music theory, arpeggios, musical notation, and scales for the ukulele at your own pace and comfort level. I also offer the use of recording equipment. I believe the world needs more people to make music unselfishly just for the love of it and would love to be involved in your learning!

There are few teachers or musicians who specifically focus on ukulele. There are lots of musicians who teach ukulele as an after thought to another instrument. I don't think the ukulele should play second fiddle to any other instrument. That is why I have started the Ukulele School of New York City. What's more, ukulele lessons usually cost ~$75 a session. My pricing is designed to make sure that lessons are not cost prohibitive, and that discounts are available when you purchase a package.


Here is a great example of a student who began ukulele lessons as a complete beginner. Listen to this humorous song she wrote about her favorite parcel delivery service.